A Podiatrist can Help With Diabetes

As a healthcare professional, I am constantly surprised when I review community discussion regarding podiatry and mainly the reasons for visiting a podiatrist. It reveals that many people living with diabetes are entirely unaware that they need to take special care of their feet and that there is such an emphasis placed on foot care.

Podiatrists play a key role in providing appropriate foot care for people with diabetes. The key to preventing diabetic foot complications is early recognition and regular preventative foot screenings.  It is recommended that as a diabetic you have a comprehensive diabetic foot examination by a podiatrist.

Our podiatrists at the SA Podiatry Clinic are specially trained in all areas of diabetic foot care management.  The initial comprehensive vascular and neurological foot examination forms the basis for when regularly scheduled examinations and ongoing foot care should occur.

Depending on the findings of the initial podiatry assessment, your risk status will be determined and a regular schedule of care established. For people with a low risk of developing foot complications, an annual diabetic foot assessment may be adequate. However, for other people who have a higher risk status, they may need to be seen more frequently.

Podiatrists are essential members of the multidisciplinary team providing care for people with diabetes. Many studies have established that including a podiatrist in the care of people living with diabetes results in fewer lower limb complications. When it comes to diabetic foot care, prevention is better than cure.