Do you suffer from heel pain? Five tips to get you pain free from your local podiatry clinic.

Winter is nearly here. You have good intentions of exercising regularly, to maintain your fitness and perhaps prevent gaining weight over the winter months.

These great intentions can be stopped in their tracks by heel pain. It is an all too common scenario. After a few weeks of activity a twinge sets in on the heel. You ignore it at first and keep exercising, before you know it you are laid up on the couch with an ice pack on your heel.

Heel pain is the most common foot complaint in the community. It affects the young and the old, the athletic and non athletic. The most common form of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. A common term for this problem is ‘heel Spurs’. Often heel pain is associated with low arches or high arches. Other contributing factors include non-supportive footwear, activity levels, reduced ankle joint motion and muscle tightness.

Here are five tips to help manage your heel pain from your local podiatry clinic.

  • Wear footwear that is appropriate for your foot type. Your local podiatrist can assess your foot type and advise which shoes would complement your foot shape. Go by comfort, if your shoe does not feel right, it probably means they are not suitable for your feet.
  • Strengthen the muscles in your feet and calf. Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are better able to adapt and cope with exercise.
  • Avoid aggravating activities- particularly activities which involve being on the balls of your feet such as running and dancing.
  • Stretch the small muscles in your feet and calf.
  • Self massage with a frozen bottle or golf ball

The SA Podiatry clinic are experts and experienced in treating heel pain. Solutions to lower limb and foot problems are available.

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