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The SA Podiatry Clinic For All Your Podiatry Needs in Adelaide

Other services we offer: Orthotics, Mobilisation, Paediatric Assessment and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Have the convenience of all your podiatry care needs addressed at The SA Podiatry Clinic.

Why Choose SA Podiatry Clinic

Experience the convenience of all your allied health care needs in the one location. The purpose built allied health clinic at Prospect offers a range of services including; Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Exercise Physiology. This allows us to provide a multidisciplinary approach to your foot and/or leg problem.

Effective relief from foot and leg pain!

Foot pain is debilitating and affects most people at some stage of life. At The SA Podiatry Clinic we have advanced training which enables us to provide a thorough assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation plan that addresses your specific issue. Our focus is to relieve pain and improve mobility. We maintain an up to date knowledge of current research findings and our practice is evidence based. Patients are involved in the development of an agreed, achievable and goal orientated treatment plan.

Our Podiatry Services