• Assess progress alongside developmental norms
  • Identify normal and varying developmental walking patterns

What is paediatric podiatry?

Paediatric podiatry is a specialised service which involves monitoring and in some cases treating common childhood complaints to allow normal foot and leg development.

Common childhood complaints can include:

  • Growing pains
  • Flat feet and club foot
  • Difficulty walking including In toe/Out toe
  • Sever’s disease
  • Ingrown nails and plantar warts

What can the SA Podiatry clinic offer?

  • A specialised service to assess, advise and treat common childhood gait, foot and leg problems.
  • Sessions are designed to be interactive and enjoyable for the whole family.
  • Treatment plans are child specific and often involve using exercises as games.
  • Children are welcome–we love assessing and treating children in the clinic!
  • The SA Podiatry Clinic also offers free onsite child minding, along with family friendly facilities including change tables and a dedicated Kids room*.
  • Footwear advice for the whole family and we have a variety of cost effective, child friendly orthotics.

*Only available at Prospect, please advise our friendly reception staff when making an appointment.